As 17-18-year-old high school seniors stuck at home due to the pandemic, we felt obligated to help out our fellow community members, especially senior citizens and the disabled who should not be risking their lives by leaving their homes. Relying on our cars and monthly gas allowance, we decided to start this service to help out those in need and leverage our fortunate positions during this time. We realized that by working together we could overcome these challenges and ultimately decided to launch My-Gofer.

My-Gofer is a delivery service, entirely free of cost, based in MA and tailored specifically to those who have difficulty picking packages up themselves. In 2020, COVID-19 made it risky, particularly for Seniors, to venture out of one's home to pick essentials up. Our volunteer delivery drivers fulfill orders for seniors within their area efficiently and securely. Contact us for more information about how you can register for the service. Also, if you are a student who wants to help with your time, please connect with us.

Currently available in MA Locations: Sharon, Foxboro, Mansfield and Andover


Sincerely, Rohan and Samar